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What is the quality of your shirts?

We use only the finest cotton.tees! Some are heavy duty cotton while others are lighter breathable cotton. Each listing has the weight and description of the material used for each tee. 


How do you sizes run?

We use unisex sizes which are great for both men and women..  Each listing has a size chart.  When in doubt order one size larger.


Why are some of your shirts only available in black?

Some images will not show up on light colored shirts.  They are specifically made to look great on darker colors.


What type of images do you use? 

All of our transfers are screen printed.  We do not use vinyl as over time it will begin to peel and ruin your favorite shirt.  We also have tees that are direct to garment screen printed. 


Why are some of your shirts not available in small sizes?

Some of our screen printed images are too large to fit on smaller shirts.  We want all of our items to look great and not forced or crammed on a shirt. 


Do you offer frequent buyer discounts?

Yes!  We have a rewards program.  Points are earned by making a purchase, sharing our information on social media, etc..  Be sure and click the link at the bottom right-hand side of your screen that says "Reward Program" for more information. 

Points earned can be used for ANY items in our store.


Where do your items come from? 

All of our items are created here in the USA at our shop in Lewisville, Texas.


What is the turnaround time for an item to be shipped?

Wicked Art - We do try to keep at least one of each item on hand.  However, more popular items are made to order.  It typically takes us 7 to 10 working days to complete a metal piece. 

T-shirts - We typically ship out all clothing items within 2 to 3 working days.


How long will it take for me to receive my item?

It depends on which form of shipping you choose.  We use USPS for most shipments and FedEx for larger metal art items.  Upon entering your email address when ordering, we will email you with your tracking number.


Do you do custom orders?

Yes!  We love custom orders.  If you see a piece in our Wicked Art section that you would like a different size or color please contact us at kblack@metalheadartdesign.com or give us a call at 214-995-8159 to discuss.

We also accept orders for new items.  If you have an idea and would like to see it in metal let us know!


Do you accept new art from artists?

Yes! While we cannot create 1 custom shirt for obvious reasons, we love new artists and would love to look at your portfolio.  Send all inquiries and sample art to kblack@metalheadartdesign.com.  You will receive a return email no matter what. 


Will you sell items in bulk and/or do you offer wholesale pricing?

Short answer is Yes!  There are minimums.  Please contact us at kblack@metalheadthreads.com or 214-995-8159 for more information.


What type of metal do you use in your metal artwork? 

16 gauge cold rolled steel


How do you create your metal art pieces?

We use a CNC Plasma Torch to cut all of our pieces.  We use PlasmaCam software to design our pieces.  


I have a idea for a metal piece of art, do you do custom metal working? 

Yes, if you have a design you are interested in coming to life, email the image to kblack@metalheadartdesign.com and we will be happy to take a look at it.  Please include size, color and as much about your design as you can including your zip code so we are able to quote shipping charges for you. 


I see a really cool piece of art, can you add LED's?

It depends on the piece.  Please contact us at kblack@metalheadartdesign.com for any questions.


What are you masks and/or props made of?

All of our masks are made from the highest quality latex.  These are not the cheapie masks that are available at your garden variety big box stores.


What is your return policy?

Quality products are very important to us.  Therefore, all of our products are inspected by 2 team members before they are sent to you.  We also want you to be as excited upon receiving your item as you were when you ordered it.  If for some reason you are not pleased with your purchase, contact us and we will make every effort to make it right.

Please See our Shipping & Returns policy in the footer of our website for more information on returns.  


Have more questions or need help? 

Feel free to contact us at kblack@metalheadthreads.com or by phone at 214-995-8159.